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Precision Packing Systems

Precision Packing Systems


This machine is suitable for viscous highly viscous fluids, pasty materials with or without solid matters in hot or cold conditions like Water, Lassi, Yogurt, Shrikhand, Honey, Jams[hot], paints, oils etc. The Machine has 6 stations having standard operations of cup loading, product filling, lid placement, heat sealing & batch code stamping.

  • Volumetric filling.
  • Filling & sealing Operation.
  • Entire stainless steel construction.
  • Packaging of Liquid & Pasty materials with or without solids.
  • Packaging speed of 3000 containers per hour of 200 gms. on single track.
  • Speed indefinitely variable during the operation of the machine.
  • Easy product change over.
  • Cleaning in place.
  • Fully mechanical machine for rugged operation.

Overall dimensions 860 × 860 × 1800 mm
W × D × H
Net weight App. 450 Kgs (As per model)
Sealing temperature 300 degrees centigrade max, Electronically controlled.
Maximum filling cap/ stroke 520c.c.
Nominal Output Upto 5000 cups per hour.
Accuracy + 0.5% of cylinder capacity

This is semiautomatic machine for small batch quantities of liquid, pasty. The Loading/Unloading of cups/ containers /bottle is manual. The machine dispenses set quantity of product by foot-switch/proximity sensor.

Automatic operation by adding conveyors is optional. The machine is fully mechanical & operate smoothly up-to speeds of 3000 fills/hour. The product quantity is continuously adjustable over a range of 1:5 & filling accuracy is typically +0.5% for Cottage Cheese. For higher production rates multiple head fillers (up-to 10 heads) can be offered to achieve a filling speed of 30,000s/pm.