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Crown Capping Machine

Crown Capping Machine

Crown Capping Machine

This is an automatic line for flavoured milk filling and crown capping in glass bottles. An infeed conveyor of 2.5 metres long will take the bottles to the filling station. A four-head filling machine fills the product into 4 bottles at a time. An electro-magnetic vibratory feeder bowl feeds caps with proper orientation.A capping Machine with star wheel and pneumatically operated cap pressing machine seals the bottles.


  • ⇰ Machine Construction in S.S. 304.
  • ⇰ Filling Capacity : 100 to 500 ML.
  • ⇰ Output : 30 bottles/min.
  • ⇰ Automatic.


  • ⇰ Flavoured Milk.
  • ⇰ Juices.